Monday, July 1, 2013

Tea, Jam and Friendly Folks

Hello again Hello again, This last week went by like lightning and i don't even feel like i have left this computer since i last wrote you but apparantley alot has happend. I promise that i write in my journal everyday but everytime i sit down to write i forget everything. Well we did a lot of contacting this week. We knocked on a bunch of doors and talked to a lot of people. For some reason they were all very friendly and they all loved us whether they had interest or not. We actually taught four lessons in not very long by just knocking on doors. We don't really just talk to people on the street because in our area there aren't that many people so you can walk around for two hours and talk to three people, and that's not very effective. It's always interesting working in Linz because you can just talk to people anywhere, but i'm not the best at it in linz because the people here are a lot less patient than the people in Haag. I'm getting better though. On friday night we traveled to Wels to help some of the sisters in our district who were holding a missionary night for the youth in our ward. It was really cool and i go to to tell them all why i was on a mission and a little bit about what it is like being a missionary. Then we all wrote our testimonies in books of Mormon so that we could give them out. That was pretty cool. One day we had breakfast at a members house before we had studies. The members name is Günter and he loves the missionaries to death because he was baptized last june (he was 72 years old!) But he really likes me for some reason so when we are at church he just drags me around and makes me sit by him. He is just a really loving, super nice guy. He is also a really good ward missionary. But anyway, back to the breakfast, we ate a ton of bread with cheese and meats and some mormon tee. But the highlight was his wifes jam. I ate the best jam ever in existence. It was homemade and super delicious. I got a haircut last night, well it was more like Elder stilger mowed my head with a buzzer so now my hair is super duper short. But it looks pretty good so it's ok. I have been reading alot of "Asterix and Obelix" lately and it has actually made my german a lot better plus it's really funny. for some reason the writers really don't like romans very much. Well anyway that is alot of what my week consisted of. It sounds like there is a lot going on at home. Plus i really wish i could have some of the Geno's East pizza right now. I'm hungry. Tell ben good job for hitting a home run! Love you all! Elder Eldredge

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