Monday, June 24, 2013

Exchanges, Chinese food, and Outlaws

Dear family,

That may have been one of the funniest E-mails so far. I died when i read about the toys at the parade and poop on the hand. It sounds like it has been a really awesome week! Here it has been really really hot and sweaty.  We had rain for like three weeks and now the sun is trying to catch up on the time it missed. The worst part of the heat is having to sit on an already stinky train with a bunch of really stinky people. But luckily our apartment is on the first floor so it stays pretty cool in there as long as we have our fans going.

Despite the heat we actually had quite a successful week. We didn't teach many lessons but we found quite a few potentials and i think one is very ready to hear about the church. On wednesday we traveled to a place called schärding to contact a referral. Schärding is right on the german austrian border and it is a really pretty. It turns out though that our referral lives right across the border so we got to walk across a bridge into germany. so now i have been there three times. We didn't even get to talk to the referral but we did eat some really good chinese food and now the owners are potentials because we have a sister in our district who speaks chinese so we got them on the phone together and now they have some interest.

On thursday we went on exchange with the linz elders and i got to stay in haag with elder Naegle. we had a lot of sucess but he didn't like that there weren't street trains for us to take. I made him walk a bit more than he is used to in Linz. The next day we travelled back to linz where we stayed over night before we switched back and on saturday elder stilger and i got to bike through the countryside to do some service. We work with a guy named siegfried. He is really cool and at one point wanted to show us the new A Katana that he had recieved. That was pretty cool but he wanted to step it up so he went inside for a minute. When he came out again he had a pistol shoved into his cut-off jean shorts and a big rifle on each hip. It was pretty sweet. Because he lives on a farm we always call him a farmer but he doesn't like that so he says (in english) "I am not farmer... I am outlaw!" And now we believe him.

I wish i could send my photos but i don't really have a way to do that yet. But as soon as i figure out how i will send an army on pixels your way. I have been talking to kelton and the other guys every week but i hadn't seen that he had to go home yet. I will of course make sure to talk to him.

Thanks for all the support and prayers! I am working my hardest every day because of the lessons i learned from you all over my life. I'll talk to you all next week!


Elder Eldredge

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