Monday, July 22, 2013

Schnitzel and Schnitzel

hello again!

That sounds like you have all been having a good time this week! I got really jealous when i read about the firehole! for some reason i have actually really wanted to swim lately. Those pictures look really great too! We will have to go there when i get home.

This week has been a bit hectic for us but it was also very rewarding. We have gotten back into contact with b----- and we have been helping him clean his apartment still. We go by about three times a week and just see how he is doing. We haven't set a baptismal date with him yet but we are pretty much certain that it will be in the next six weeks. We got transfer calls last friday, and Elder Stilger and I are staying together for at least six more weeks. But the Linz Elders are both leaving us. We knew Elder Stapleton would leave because he is going home but we didn't guess
that Elder Naegle would also go. Linz is getting white washed, meaning that they get brand new missionaries. It was a big surprise but the elder that is coming is amazing and he will be training a new elder. All of the sisters in our district are staying as well.

On saturday we biked out to siegfrieds again and did some service. On the way back we both got a huge craving for schnitzel, so we stopped at every restaraunt that we could fin but none of them were open except for one right by our appartment. We had so much schnitzel it was amazing. The owner of the restaraunt was really surprised when we asked for more. He then asked us who we were because nobody eats that much, so we were like "we're missionaries!" He liked us. We also had more schnitzel the next day after church so it was a pretty good week.

We have been teaching this woman named g-----, and she is really cool. at first she didn't want to make any progress or change at all but now she is coming to church and she is really opened up to us. One of the women in our ward has been really great to her and they have become really good friends so we don't even have to do much because our member missionary keeps teaching her for us. It's been a really great testimony to what was spoken about in the last broadcast. Members have the most influence on people sometimes because they're not always dressed in suits and stuff. Plus missionaries come and go but the ward belongs to the people living in it. We have really found that if we spend most of our time getting the members pumped and excited and help them accomplish their own missionary goals the work really increases in speed.

Well that is kindof my week in a bundle. I am glad you have all been having fun and stuff. German is coming really well. I'm pretty comfortable and i am getting better every day. Tell Dylan and Collin thanks for fasting for me. That is really really nice of them. I really appreciate it!

Love you!
Elder Eldredge


Nice job hitting all those home runs and showing Lone peak what's up! And don't worry, I've done much worse than just forgeting to put a card back in the camera. It is really awesome that you will be getting your blessing soon! It will be one of your most prized possesions. keep it safe and sacred, and read it often. And also remember that whatever is promised you will be given to you through your hard work and faith.

Speaking of your mission, you will probably have your calling before I come home but i will be there for your high school graduation. Who knows how long we will actually see eachother before you leave. It really cool that you have a really good relationship with lisel. keep me up to date on things with you.



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