Monday, July 15, 2013


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well i had a pretty crazy week. On monday we went to a place called hallstatt. You should probably try to plan a trip there one day because it is crazy beautiful. It is just a small little villiage on the side of a lake and the alps just shoot straight up all around you. At one point there was a swan that swam right by us as we were sitting on a dock. We did i small hike around part of the lake too. It would have only taken us like 45 minutes but we were with old people so it took like three hours. luckily we didn't have to hike back because we got to take a ferrie across the lake. It was a really nice relaxing P-day.
For the rest of the week we just worked like crazy. We went by on everybody we knew and talked to as many people as possible. B------  had been having problems with the police and some other stuff that he shouldn't have had to go through but some people just weren't nice to him and treated him badly. But we helped him clean his apartment, which was a wreck because he can't clean it himself because he doesn't have legs, and we helped him do some laundry an get his place back into order so that he can have some peace in his own home. He is really ready to be baptized and he knows it. We don't have a date yet because he needs to sort out some other stuff right now before he can be ready, but he keeps talking about how he is so happy that he found the true church and he just wants to meet all of the members and he is dying to go to the temple! We gave him a magazine about temples and he just loves it to death.
We also met with a  woman named G-----. We have been meeting with her since my first week and she jsut hasn't really wanted to progress or keep her commitments or anything so we were about to move on, but we wanted to make sure that we had done all we could before dropping her. We had a lesson about faith and she said that she had noticed that we had  strong connection with our heavenly father and she wanted that. I told her that we were there because we knew that she could reach the point were she also had that connection with Heavenly Father. She then committed herself to coming to church, reading in the book of mormon, and praying every morning and night. She doesn't speak german that much yet but she absolutely loved church and everybody who spoke english swarmed her and made her feel very welcome. It was really cool.
Yesterday after church we went to the family Grünauers for lunch. Brother Grünauer is our ward mission leader. We had home made pizza and his kids are really funny. They are the family that let us use their skype on mothers day.
On saturday we had a finding day in wels and the sisters there asked Elder Stilger and I to go by on some names. We walked for like 45 minutes to get to the place where these people live and when we got there it was just this really scary place with afghanistan painted on the walls and the buildings seemed almost vacant. We were just waiting for when someone would kidnap us or something. Needless to say the names weren't there so we walked back or 45 minutes. Both times that we walked on the street we passes absolutely nobody. So we didn't really feel like we did that much but now the sisters don't need to walk to afghanistan and back.
I have been trying to find a way to send pictures but the computers won't allow me to in the amount of time that i have so i guess some time i will send my cards in a package or something.
Thanks for writing and sending those pictures. It looks like a lot of fun is going on lately.
miss you all!
Elder Eldredge

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