Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Haircut and an African Woman

Hello everybody!

I'm writing a bit early today because we are doing some adventurous things with some members for pday today. In fact i am lucky that i got your email in time. It sounds like you all had a really great relaxing week. On the fourth of july i just had this desire to catch things on fire and watch it explode. but don't worry i controlled myself and nobody was harmed. It is really cool that deacon got blessed this week because there was a baby blessing at the same time in my ward! pretty cool right? I bore my testimony as well. because of the baby blessing there was a pretty big party after church for all the family members and they invited us missionaries to come along. It was really awesome and i ate tons of delicious food and a seven year old explained to me every single one of his hobbies. In case you are wondering that took a while. I had a pretty fun week and it was full of success. We found tons of people who want us to come back or we have appointments with so we are really praying that we will start another teaching phase because we have gone without teaching for a few weeks now.

 One cool experience that i had was while i was working in linz on an exchange. This african woman called us over to her because she wanted to tell us to repent and stop what we were doing because we believed in the book of mormon and she said the bible is enough. She was quite nice but very passionate. We kept trying to get a word in but she would interrupt often and not really let us get our point through. At one point i was getting really upset because she was just talking about nonsense for like 20 minutes and i wanted to just walk away. But i felt i should ask her about the spirit because she had mentioned it once before. I then asked her how she knew that the bible was from God and she of course said that the spirit told her. I then explained that we had had the same experience with the book of mormon. She then began to be more open and she would ask us questions about the church, and that was when she started to realize that the church was just what she might have been looking for so she is coming to church soon and she took a book of mormon. It was a pretty good chance that i had to bear my testimony and i watched it changed the spirit of the conversation.

I have been reading alot from Asterix and Obelix lately and it has really improved my ability to read and write, plus now i am more comfortable in the language. Plus they are really really funny. It has been a fun week with a lot of interested people and a fun game of volleyball. This transfer will end in two weeks and Elder Stilger really thinks that he will be leaving and i will stay in haag. I don't really have much of an idea as to what will happen but it could be really interesting. There is still not much info on what we will be doing with using the internet to find people and stay in contact with our investigators but maybe we will hear soon. 

Thanks for writing!  I will talk to you next week.

Love you all!

 Elder Eldredge

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