Monday, July 29, 2013


hello family!
why are you all moving? I don't know if i will be able to find my way around when i come home. But there is a lot of time before that day comes. And since when is nicole old enough to move out! I could have sworn she was like 16 when I left.
Since when is it socially acceptable to eat other peoples chinese food? I would have eaten the fried rice before going for the dumplings if i was them.
Well we had a pretty ok week here. We tried really hard and did the best we could but pretty much nothing we could see came out of our work. We talked to one guy who was really excited about meeting us and he seemed golden but apparantley he just thinks its fun to lie. So we traveled for like to an hour to this place and then went back because his place doesn't exist. But that is ok. B----- right now has been praying about when he would like to be baptized. He would like his day to be in the next month or two so we are really excited for him. He also came to our ward BBQ and he loved it to death. Some of our members didn't really talk to him at all but the ones who did were really awesome to him.
Speaking of our ward party, we were playing volleyball when somebody hit the ball over this hedge. I decided that i would jump over the hedge and get it. Well... I got over the edge of the bush but it turns out (I figured this part out while in the air) that the bush is wider than it is tall. so i of course caught my feet on the top of the hedge and fell onto the cement. But don't worry. I have fallen down so many times due to me thinking i am cooler than i really am so i took the hit like a man. I later realized that my legs were really cut up as well as my right hand. But it's ok because trying to jump back over was onto grass so it didn't hurt as much the second time.
There is a resteraunt here that knows Elder Stilger and I because we went there and ate enough schnitzel for like 6 people.We asked for a jause plate (lots of bread and cheese and meats) for two but they made us get it for three people so that they didn't have to make food for us twice again. They like us there.

In the pictures you would have seen the missionaries names are: Sisters, hammock, lynn, jaynes, and schönherr. Elders, stapleton, naegle, stilger, and me. there are also the weidmans (from provo) who are the senior missionaries. But now the other elders are gone and there are two new ones, Elder Svoboda and Böttcher. So now i am the only american among the elders in our district. It is really cool and we speak a lot more german now. Some times i imagine how confusing it would be for someone who is jsut visiting from america to be in some of our meetings. german and english are just interchangeable so you never know which one comes out. sometimes i get into conversations where i am speaking german and the other person is speaking english. It would just be strange to see on like your first day. We actually really like to speak english and german together which is call "Dänglisch." It's basically when you speak english and german interchangeably in one sentence.

Well that is what has been happening around here. It has been a fun and difficult week but the work here is always worth it.

Love you all!

Elder Eldredge

P.S. do you know the name of the missionaryin spain because i have a few friends there.

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