Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Give and Elder an apron....

Hey everybody!

This week was pretty great! We had another zone meeting in Vienna and I got to go on exchange in Vienna so I spent a lot of time in the big city! It was really fun. The elders in Vienna in our district live right across the street from their church that has a big field by it so we played frisbee for morning exercise. We also found a really cool chinese guy picking berries in a public park. He took a book which was cool because I haven't given out too many chinese books on my mission. He was pretty excited about it. 

The weather was fighting against us quite a bit this week. It was really really really hot! We are pretty gross and smelly by the end of the day. But luckily it started to storm really bad last night so today is nice and cloudy with a nice wind. One of the greatest things about st. Pölten is that there is usually a breeze all the time. 

This friday we get transfer calls! I can't believe that it is already coming around. I have also been here for three transfers already so it is possible that I get transferred next week. It will be interesting to see what Pres. Kohler does for his first transfers. 
I got an apron in the mail! Thanks for all of the cool Scriptures! I made sure to go and cook something right away. I took a picture too. 

We should have a great week coming up. We are excited to see what happens. I hope that you all have a great week and that you are all safe in your different parts of the world! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pig Legs and a New President

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome! We had a lot of fun. Sadly though, Elder Anderson got sick on monday and was out for the rest of the day. It was good though because then we couldn't do what we wanted to do and I was basically forced to clean our apartment as he slept. But on tuesday we met Pres. Kohler and his family! They are really really cool. He is really young and so I feel like I will have an easy time connecting with him. He and his family are from Provo and he worked in the MTC. It was also fun to go all the way to Salzburg with the missionaries. We got to just talk and make jokes in the train for a few hours both ways. 

On Saturday our ward had a BBQ for all of the members and their families and friends. It was a really fun day because we left at 9 in the morning to go help with the grilling. We had two huge pig legs on a stick that took a few hours to cook. Once everybody came there were lots of games and eating. I ate way too much food so I couldn't move that easily. It hurt really bad but the food was too good! Some of our members even brought there violins and everybody learned how to square dance. We couldn't dance but it was fun to watch everybody else. They had never seen such a thing. We were there pretty much all day and we made friends with a lot of non-members. It was awesome!

This next week should be really fun. We get to work in gardens and people have invited us over for dinner. We are pretty happy campers. I'm glad to see that everybody else is doing well! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Vacation

Hey everybody! 

Wow it sounds like another crazy week at the Eldredge home. We had a fun week over here. It is that time of year again when all europeans go on vacation for like three of four weeks so most of the people we have talked to weren't from here or were having vacation at home and didn't want to be bothered. But we still had fun. 

The fourth of July was hot just like always, but it lacked explosions and watermelon. We did run into an american girl at the train station in McDonalds so we just had our own little "Merica" moment right there. 

Elder Ringger is actually in our zone! I met him on his first day when I was picking elder Anderson up. He seems like a real cool guy. He is in the same apartment as the other elders in our district so I will see him when I am on exchange there next week. Being a district leader is still way awesome. Like I have said a billion times our district is amazing. Everybody is working really hard.

Tomorrow morning we will be taking a train to salzburg to meet our new mission president and his family! I am really excited to meet him, plus all of the missionaries in austria will be there and I will see some friends that I haven't seen for a while. 

Our invesetigators are doing well but like I said it is vacation time so it is really hard to meet anybody lately. But we are still excited for them. 

Next sunday Elder Anderson and I will be singing in church, giving talks, and very possibly be giving the class in priesthood. It could be a very busy day. One of the women in our ward really likes church music so our goal is to make her cry. 

We are doing well and everything is great. I can't really believe how long I have been in St. Pölten already. It is pretty crazy how time flies. 

I hope you all have another great week! I love all of you!

Elder Eldredge

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



This week was awesome! The weather was pretty nice and we were able to have some success on the streets. We did get to watch the USA-Germany game! It was really fun because I was on exchange with the zone leaders and the missionary I was with came out with me. We had a lot of fun and the family we were with gave us lots of food and soda. 

We met again with B----- and she actually read in the Book of Mormon and checked out the church's website. She is really interested. She just wants to talk to her friends about us before we start the lessons. It was cool though because she brought up the Book of Mormon at the beginning and told us the she really liked the first few chapters of Mosiah were King Benjamin speaks to his people. She even remembered his name! She had a lot of questions and she said that she really likes everything we teach. Hopefully her friends won't be negative about it. 

Our friend S----- is doing well. We can't really teach him  until we get some pamphlets in persian so we are just reading the Book of Mormon with him. He sadly couldn't make it to church but we will see what happened this week.

We have been focusing on the Book of Mormon for the last few weeks in our streeting efforts and it is working great! We have been able to give out a really good amount of books. Pretty soon we are going to need to order more!

Well, things are going well. We are having a good time and I love being out here. I am really learning a lot from my studies and I really feel like I have become a much better person in the last few weeks. It is amazing how much spiritual strength comes from regularly studying the scriptures with a desire to understand what they are teaching. 

I hope all is well with everybody at home. Thanks for keeping me updated. I love you all!

Elder Eldredge