Monday, March 24, 2014

Rain and Other Blessings

We had a pretty great week here as well! The weather has been pretty interesting though. From Monday until Thursday it was really pretty and warm but on Friday we had a finding day in St. Gallen and we got poured on. It was really really cold and everybody ran inside and away from us. But we had a good time anyway. Since then it has rained for most of the time until this morning. Now everything is really green and there are a lot more flowers.
We had an appointment with the L---- family on Saturday. In the last appointment with them we committed them to reading third Nephi 11 but they had a really rough week and didn't get to reading it together so we read it with them. In that chapter, Christ explains baptism really clearly, so when we finished reading we asked them what they thought about that. They said, "that is exactly what we have been looking for!" They told us that they wanted to be baptized so we set a goal for the 13th of April. They are both really excited and they came to church yesterday. I taught a class to the mother and some other members about the brother of Jared and how faith works. She really opened up to the members and said that she loved it.
We also had another great experience last night. I have told about the M------ family before and how we were teaching the father while he was here in Konstanz. Well, he came back down for a few days so they invited us over for dinner. The father, I-----, has some health problems that have been effecting him for a lot of years and he asked us for a blessing. He had never seen or gotten a blessing before so we explained it to him and let him know what was going to happen. After we gave the blessing he said, "well that was weird!" I got a bit worried and asked him why he thought it was weird, and he said "as soon as you put your hands on my head, I felt like I was being protected and I felt energy and strength go through my whole body like never before!" His wife then brought up that when he is baptized, he can later recieve the Priesthood and give her and his daughter blessings just like that. And he said "that will be great, won't it?"
We will find out on this saturday about the next transfer. It is crazy how fast the time is going by now. I can't believe that Elder Sardoni and I have already been together for almost twelve weeks. We are having a lot of fun together and we still get along great. For weekly planning this week, the weather was too beautiful to stay inside so we brought our nightstand onto our balcony and used our comfy chairs. It was a great time. Hopefully the weather will get better in the next few days.
Thanks for writing! I will send a few photos later. I hope that you all have another great week! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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