Monday, March 10, 2014

P-day and Pancakes

Hey everybody!

This was a way good week! It sounds like you all had a great week as well! Sorry that I am writing so late! We had a district P-day and so we had to change up our schedule. We played a bunch of sports today. It was awesome to get out and run around and play again. Sadly nobody knows how to throw a disc so we couldn't play that but basketball and soccer was fun as well. 

Last week I had an exchange with our district leader, elder Georgiev, from Bulgaria. It was really great. We met this girl, V-------, on the street who really wanted to become faithful because she has noticed that we have more energy and hope. After talking for a minute I just asked her if she had time right then to talk, and she did. So we found a bench and had a really great lesson about strengthening our relationship with God.  She brought up that she had questions about what happens after this life because her Grandmother had died so we shared some of Alma 40 with her. After reading it she said that she always feels good and warm inside when she hears things like that. A few days later she wrote us a text message asking for advice because she didn't know when it is right to make changes in her life. It was a really good sign to us that she trusts us and wants to become better.

R----- and L----- have been in Frankfurt for a while so we haven't actually been able to meet with them for a second time, but I call them pretty often to see how they are, and they always let us  know that they still read every day in the Book of Mormon. The baptism will have to be put back a few weeks but they are still doing really well. 

We are just over half way done with this transfer and I am starting to realize that I will most likely be leaving soon. I don't know if I am really happy about that. I love this ward so much. I almost feel like I have always been here and like they are my family. I will be really sad to leave them all. But I am also excited to see what will happen next. When I leave, I will be one of the only americans who knows any of the Swiss missionaries. It is pretty weird but it is almost like there are two missions. It will be nice to see all of my old friends from outside of Switzerland.
Other than that, it was a pretty normal good week. Lots of talking to people and lots of fun. We have started a new tradition in our apartment that we all eat pancakes together on thursday. Elder Schumaier really likes to make these thin pancakes and we just pack them full of nutella and yoghurt and jelly and pretty much anything with sugar. It is really great because Elder Schumaier gets really happy (it is his favorite food) but it is so hard to eat. It tastes really really really good, but I think my taste buds are the only part of my body that really appreciates it. The other night he made them for dinner and I think I stared at the ceiling for two hours before being able to fall asleep because of all the sugar.
So, needless to say, we have a lot of fun together in our apartment. Just a warning, if you want to send those photos, I would do it quick while I am still here. It is rather likely that I am in my last month here in Konstanz. Thanks for those by the way. don't worry that it has taken a bit. I am excited anyway! And, I did get moms E-mail. Love you mom!
I hope that you all have a great week! I pray for you all and I love you all!
Elder Eldredge

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