Monday, March 3, 2014

Fasnacht and Pictures of the Apartment

Hello everyone! It sounds like another great week with the family! Those videos of the kids are pretty darn cute! They are all getting so big!
Everything in Konstanz is just great! The have this really weird holiday called Fasnacht and it last a week. All the really do is wear these giant costumes and get drunk all night. It is really loud sometimes because they have drums and high pitched flutes and they play all night. Luckily it hasn't bothered me too much when I sleep though. But all of the drunk people make contacting really interesting. We tried to go out on thursday and the streets were just full of people falling over themselves and playing flutes and throwing confetti everywhere.
Speaking of contacting, because dad asked, most of what we do in Konstanz is street contacting. We don't really ever go door to door, but we spend our time visiting members and talking to people on the way. We have these things called "family mission plans," and most members have them. They write down the people that they want to work with and we pray for them and support them in anyway possible. So most of our finding is through our members.
R---- and L---- sadly couldn't come to church yesterday because R---- had to work unexpectedly and L----- was on a school trip, but they said "don't worry! we read in the book everyday!" So they are doing really well. We also met with C-----, well I didn't because I was in St. Gallen, but Elder Sardoni met with C----- and they read together in the alma 32 and C----- 

loved it! He said that he now wants to read in the book of Mormon more, and that he wants a new job (he works in a club). We are hoping that he gets a new day job at the mall here in Konstanz.
I worked in St. Gallen on exchange with Elder Bauerfeind on tuesday and wednesday. It was way cool because we went to visit a less active woman and her husband and we had to take a hike up a mountain to get there. They luckily let us in and fed us some spaghetti which was really nice of them. They also gave me a little pamphlet with some great quotes in it. I don't think I told you all but I have been collecting uplifting and inspiring quotes for my whole mission. I think they are pretty great.
So things are going great! We are excited for this holiday to be over on wednesday so that the people on the streets understand us a bit better, but everything is awesome. We have a lot of fun and life is great. I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for starting on those photos! I will really appreciate those!
I love you all!
Elder Eldredge

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