Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hey everybody!
Thanks for all of the pictures! It looks like you all had a really busy and fun week! We also had a pretty exciting week. I will be going back to Austria! But this time in the vienna zone. I will be working in a place called St. Pölten and my companion will be Elder Buckley. He is only in his third transfer now so I will be his second companion. From what I have heard from a missionary that was trained there, St. Pölten is just like Haag with less members. I am so excited! I love germany and switzerland but austria feels like home because I was trained there. Plus the food us unreal.
Church yesterday was really hard for me though. Our branch president gave me a hug and thanked me for working here and the other members kept saying how much they were going to miss me. But I promised them all that I would come back after my mission.
We had another amazing lesson with the L----s. We watched the restoration film with them and they said that they wanted to be baptized before they watched the video, but now they REALLY want to be baptized! We are working on organizing a place for them to watch general conference in spanish this weekend and it should work out great.
The weather here has gotten really pretty. It definitely feels like easter is coming now. Konstanz happens to have a lot more people in it when the sun comes out. Strange how that works. The parks by the water are always packed full of college students kicking soccer balls and stuff like that. It has been making street contacting much more effective.
Congrats to Nate and Spencer! They will love those missions a lot. Plus they can speak spanish together when they come home! That is cool.
I was reading a talk from Elder Nelson from the last conference this morning. It was the one where he spoke about the importance of physical and spiritual wellness. I really like what he said about how the quality of our future in the eternities has to do with how we take care of our spirits and our bodies. I have noticed that as I keep myself healthy, I am more ready to act on what the spirit tells me, and that I have an overall better mood.
I hope that you all have another great week! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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