Monday, January 6, 2014

More Christmas

Happy birthday ben! I can't believe that you are 17! That is super weird to me! But I hope you have a good one bud!
We had a pretty awesome week here in konstanz. Thanks for all of the awesome new toys! We have been having a pretty good time with them! One of our members, Patrik (at who's house we skyped at), gave me an Asterix and Obelix magazine for Christmas and it is really funny! Do you remember those dad? We have got stack and stacks of chocolate from our ward in the last few days, it is unbelievable!
On Christmas we were with a family from south africa, the Ryans. They are way cool and they have two kids, gary and Kaily. They were fun to play with, especially because Gary got some legos so I spent some time building his trains for him.
Almost everyday of this last week we have had at least one eating appointment, so I have almost eaten myself to death by now. Luckily everybody here eats really really tasty, normal food. I have still never had a bad meal, except for a few things that I tried to make!
Mexico looks like it has been tons of fun! I can just imagine being at the church at evenings being swarmed my masses of people ready to play games and eat good food! I do have to say that I have missed mexican food. They don't really do that over here and it makes me a little bit sad. But I'm sure that I will have many more chances to eat tacos. Make sure to eat a few more of those shrimp tacos for me!
Sadly we didn't get too many chances to do normal missionary work this week because of all of the holiday stuff, but I am really excited to have a pretty normal week of work! I am also pretty happy about new years eve! We are going with a few families to hike up this hill and I think that we will be on top of some sort of old castle tower to watch all of the fireworks. That should be pretty fun!
I took some pretty awesome photos of the sunset on Christmas eve so I will make sure to send you those photos. I also have some more photos of the same scenery but I made them yesterday evening. There is a big bridge that we walk across and the river always looks super pretty behind it.
Well I hope that you all continue to have a great time in Mexico! say HI to the Calls for me! Thanks again for the Christmas gifts! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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