Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year and a New Companion

It sounds like you all had a great time in mexico! Those pictures are really great! I really miss those people down there! We had a pretty awesome week here! The new years eve party was right on the river and there was a ton of college students with a lot of fireworks. Sadly it was pretty foggy so we didn't get to go hike the hill to the castle because we wouldn't have been able to see the fireworks anyway. But it was fun nevertheless.
We got transfer calls on saturday! I will be working with Elder Sardoni from Kanaraville utah! He is about 6 months old on his mission so I will be the senior missionary for the first time! I also have heard that he is really really funny so I am excited. Elder Pugh will also be leaving Kreuzlingen and Elder Schuhmaier will be coming to work with Elder Stank. It should be a really fun transfer!
We had a pretty cool experience last night. We left an eating appointment last night and we were going to take the train home because it was going to be too late to just walk. When we were at the train station, the women came and sat next to us so we offered her some of the left over cake that we had just received. She apparently loves chocolate so she took it. We got talking and she had met with the elders before in the Dominican Republik. We kept having this really awesome conversation until we realized that the train should have come about five minutes before. We thought that was weird but we just kept talking. She was waiting for the same train but it never came. We got her phone number and address because she wants to meet with us. We then started to walk home because the train still hadn't come and it was about 20 minutes later. She went the other way. We later had the strong feeling that the train never came because we needed to talk to her. We even walked along the tracks for about 40 minutes and not a single train drove by. We know that for some reason, we really needed to talk with this women and God made sure that it happened. That was just one of the many miracles that we see daily.
I can't write too much this week because we have got some stuff planned for Elder Gublers last P-day so I am sorry that this is a bit short. But I am doing great and I couldn't be happier! Thanks for writing, and I am glad that you all got back safe! I love you all and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Eldredge  

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