Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Wow you all have been partying a lot! Thanks for those photos and the video! It is fun to see everybody there together again!
Lunch at Switzerland Conference
We have had a pretty fun week here! I keep forgeting that Christmas is in just a few days! We have so many eating appointments this week it is amazing! I better make sure to get my excercise in the morning or else I may be looking a little bit different in later photos. It is fun to be able to see both german and swiss Christmas's at the same time. We will also be spending some time on Christmas with a family from south africa, so we are pretty multicultural.
We had our ward party last night, which was really fun! We spent time just talking with the members in the ward and the YSA's in the ward planned a program for us all about Christ around this time. It was pretty fun and I ate a lot of cookies and peanuts. This ward is really really awesome and friendly. It always makes it easier when your ward feels like your family.
You can tell that it is vacation time around here because there are no people on the streets until like 12 o'clock, but there are about a billion people in the middle of town where the shopping centers are. Konstanz is a really big shopping area because it is right on the border of switzerland. So all of the rich swiss people come up and outnumber the germans. For that reason, Konstanz is one of the most expensive cities in germany! We went into this mall today as we were waiting for a train and it was completely full of people trying to finish up their shopping and just having a nice time with eachother. It was pretty fun to see.
The only Americans serving in Switzerland
We are teaching a guy named C-----, from kenya, and he is awesome! We taught about the importance of Jesus and the atonement this week. A few members came with us and they really helped make it an awesome lesson. C----- was really excited when we told him that we actually have a book of mormon in Swahili, which is his native language. He actually is really smart because he is nineteen and can speak 16 different languages! Pretty cool right?
I have really been thinking alot lately about how important scripture study is. Sadly, I talk to way too many people on the street who are faithful and active members of their churches but you always know which ones read and which ones don't. The rest of the world, outside of our church, has just the Bible. We, as members of the church, are so blessed to have not only the Bible, but also Three other books of scripture along with modern day teachings from the prophets. We are the most blessed people on earth and I hope that we all take advantage of the gifts that were given us. We should always be hungering after our daily bread. I have found that daily scripture study will change the way that we look at our lives and our minds will be opened up so that we can see with more of an eternal perspective, with more hope, and with more faith.
I hope that you all are having a great time getting ready for Christmas! I can't wait to talk to you on skype! I will be able to tell a lot more stories there! I love you all so much! Have a great day! 

Elder Eldredge

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