Monday, June 3, 2013

Rainy Days and... schnitzel and Nutella?

well hello family!

So this last week was kind of a bummer. It was pretty rough really. Let me tell you about it. Once again, we were in linz until wednesday morning so we didn't get to work in our area for the whole first half. Oh i think i have mentioned the rain..... it still hasn't stopped. in fact it's almost getting worse everyday. So proselyting has been unsuccesful because nobody wants to talk to us especially in the rain. Elder Stilger was asked to give a lesson in priesthood about missionary work and he wanted me to help him. the problem was that he was kind of angry while he planned it because the members in our ward really don't give us much help at all besides our bishop and Ward Mission Leader, so his plan to teach them how they can all help us do missionary work just made the members angry because he was angry at them and tried to preach to them. Truthfully i let it happen because he doesn't listen to me very much so it wouldn't have done anything for me to tell him it wouldn't go well. now he knows not to preach when he's angry. Oh also, we couldn't get in contact with B---  for like three days and we didn't know why he wouldn't pick up until he texted us and told us that he didn't want to get baptized because he doesn't think the church is right for him anymore. Luckily he did agree to meet with us one more time. We hope we can understand him and get him back on the right path. we think that he just got a little scared about coming to church.

No my package didn't come yet but i'm sure that has to do with the three holidays a week policy they have here in Austria. I think that's why people are catholic. they just like that there are so many holidays based off of catholic belief. oh well. This is how my birthday went down. I woke up and Elder stilger cooked me a traditional english breakfast but our pans are horrible and burn everything. it wasn't very good but i did my best to be polite. Then E. Stilger started to feel really sick so he took some pills and was out cold for the rest of the day. I spent my time organizing our area book and then i read the entire "Our search for happiness" by elder ballard. That's a pretty good book. But it wasn't really the ideal missionary birthday spent by dooring and speaking to people. It still wasn't that bad.

In the last two weeks i ave succesfully eaten my body weight in schnitzel and nutella. yet i am still at a solid 60 kilos. I do a really good early morning workout every day so i am really healthy and am pretty in shape. Plus all the walking helps. But man the food here is good. WE got invited to lunch yesterday by the familie kroiß. there is Herr Kroiß and schwester Kroiß. They are really funny. Herr kroiß is like 40 years older than Schwester kroiß. But he is such a boss. like two weeks ago he tore both off his achilles tendons (he is like 74 years old) but he came to church like four day later.... Walking. He lived in america for a while as a kid just working and building. apparantley they called him the Austrian bear because he was so strong and he worked so hard. He also has a stamp collection that fills a goodsized room that cost about one and a half million Euros. This is a guy you want to talk to because his stories are just unreal.

Well that's pretty much how my week went. not much progress was made and we got shot down by a couple of our ward members who think they have done all they need to do so they shouldn't share the gospel with their friends. But oh well. We'll keep working hard and doing all that we can. It looks like a ton of fun stuff has been happening in the grove! I wish i could be there sometimes grillin up a steak and watching movies with you all but we can do that later. Maybe when ben has left we can do all the fun stuff and make him miss out on everything.

Well have a good week and keep doing cool stuff. that gate looks awesome.

Elder Eldredge

P.S. Ben you will get no help from me about girls until you consistently read my letters.

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