Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun in the Sun?

hello everybody!

the last week has been pretty awesome. it's finally stopped raining and the sun is coming out again. I liked it better when it was raining because now it's just crazy hot and i can't do anything about it. But if it rains i just put a jacket on and keep going. yesterday i almost died walking to the train station in my suit jacket. That wasn't fun. But we still have mostly just done service all week again. we helped clean out a members barn that was just filled with crap. just wood planks and iron that hasn't been seen for like 60 years. This member is a bit interesting. He has lost a lot of sanity due to his age so he just pokes you in the chest and tries to convince you of really crazy doctrines that he made up. Yesterday he came up to me, poking me, and asked me what the best clock in the world was. I didn't know so i asked him and he told me that it was our hearts because we can tell the time by our heart beats. So i asked him why he was wearing a watch, he threw his hands in front of my face showing me his thumbs (that are stubbs because he accidentally cut them) and said " I can't feal my pulse because i don't have any thumbs duh! " He's a guy that we all need to meet. he just makes people laugh.

we also had an eating apointment on thursday. the food was really good and we talked and laughed and than the father got up and left. he just got in the car and drove away. So the wife took advantage of our being trapped and asked us to build a foundation for their swimming pool. She even had work clothes in our sizes picked out. that wasn't planned.

We talked with B----- and he is back on track now. he doesn't have a baptismal date but we hope it will be in the next two months. we were supposed to have a meeting with him two days ago but he pretty much got heat stroke because he was studying the gospel in the sun too long..... we weren't sure whether we should have been happy or not. But we're happy because he loves the church still. He said he just needed some time because he felt we were moving too fast. He's a really cool guy.

We still haven't been able to go finding very much at all because Elder Stilger devoloped an allergy to the sun and if he goes outside too long he gets really sick. I feel bad for him. That would really suck. But not being able to go outside has allowed me to deap clean our apartment and organize my desk and closet so that was releaving.

All this talk of days at the lake sounds really awesome. I wish i was there. Plus, since when were ashton and pierce big enough to splash around in a lake! Everybody is going to be so different when i come home. I am already in my third transfer! It won't be long before i am about to come home still thinking i just got here. Crazy stuff. Well keep having fun and staying happy! I am going to look at those pictures now.


Elder Eldredge

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