Monday, May 27, 2013

Golden City

He is sooo cute!
oh man he is so small too. Good to hear that everything went well and safefly. I have been waiting all week to see those pictures! I'm super happy for annie and cody. they've been waiting for so long it's crazy.
Anyway, things in Austria are going really great! B------ will be baptized on the 22nd of june! He is so cool. we tried to teach him the plan of salvation, so we asked him what he knows about it and then he taught us the plan of salvation perfectly until he got to the three kingdoms of glory then he wasn't so sure. He also got pumped when we told him that when we are ressurected we will have a perfect body. I don't remember if i mentioned or not but he doesn't have legs, his hands are disfigured and he can't speak clearly due to a problem with his jaw. But even though he has all of these physical problems he's one of the coolest guys ever. he loves james bond and action movies. He's also read through almost the entire missionary library besides the book of mormon. But he's working on it.
this last friday i went on exchange with one of the elders in linz. We called it golden city because he's is only a transfer older than me. so we had two goldens in charge of the entire city of linz. but we did give out four books and find two new investigators that are pretty much perfect and prepared for the gospel and they have like four kids. and that was in the first hour. for the rest of the day we spent walking around getting wet from the rain and getting rejected by a lot of people. It was awesome! It's amazing how much fun you can have being made fun of and rejected by a bunch of people who all think we're jehovas witnesses.
dad just so you know there is also a way to watch conference talks through gospel library. and the prophet and apostels aren't creepy like that lady. and your right, i noticed that she's creepy too.
there is so much going on at home it sounds like. i can't even imagine going home and seeing the changes made to our house. Also, that neighborhood party sounds awesome! It really sounds like summer there. It's been raining here for like four days straight. needless to say i am quite grateful for that jacket that we had and water proof shoes.
Mom, i have noticed your improved typing skills. did dad teach you how? It's cool that you got a new designing job! I hope that all goes well.
Ben, doctor who is pretty sweet right? I've only seen a few episodes but the one with the angel statutes that try to kill you when you stop looking at them gives me nightmares. I don't know how long i will be in austria. Every six weeks we find out whether we stay where we are or if we leave somewhere else but i will probably be where i am for at least another 8 weeks because i will still be training. I hope to stay where i am even longer after that becuase my area is so cool.
Thanks for the pictures of deacon! keep sending them so i can see him grow! same with everyone else but he's new.
Love you all,
Elder Eldredge

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  1. Your thoughts about Deacon put me back to 1994 - and to a little one who made his earth'landing' 6/1 whilst we served in that other foreign land. Only difference is that we couldn't get those instant pictures! And he will grow up just like that PSE did.
    All's well in Zion!! Keep the Faith and Keep smiling!