Monday, May 13, 2013

The Day after Mother's Day

Hey yall!

man i haven't talked to you all for so long! haha just kidding.

The mission tour is just where our zone gets togother and there are lots of talks and lessons. we even had lunch together in wien. it was so good! But ya we (those in my zone) just all traveled to wien and were taught.

no i haven't seen anybody from my mtc district yet. Elder stilger and i are kinda far away from anybody else. Linz is the next closest place with other missionaries and it's a one and a half hour train ride away. We are actually in linz right now. it's a pretty cool place.

Ya anyway i don't have much to say because i just talked to you last night. It's cool to see those mission calls.

talk to you next week.

Elder Eldredge

Elder Stilger

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