Monday, May 20, 2013

Lion Bars? Who knew?

Hey Everybody!
Austria is still treating me pretty great! The food here is so awesome especially since i'm used to it now. the first few days of the food were a bit rough to me but now it's going awesome. i could do with a j dawg though. I think that i have eaten maybe 50 lion bars now. they're just so good here. plus they're dirt cheap. they even make cereal that taste just like it! pretty much i'm happy to wake up in the morning.
The tallest elder is from Pleasant Grove and was in marching band with Parker for a year.
We're working really hard everyday and we are hoping to commit one of our investigators to a baptismal date tonight. This guy is awesome! He read the entire "Our Heritage" book and he just loved it. He even brought up tithing the other night which made us worry a bit but he told us it was pretty much the coolest thing ever and that he loved us and that he wants his dog to be a member of the church too. He was joking of course but pretty much he's a boss. We are actually hoping to have three baptismal dates by the end of this transfer and hopefully baptize them in the next one. We have 6 progressing investigators who are just awesome! The ward here is awesome too. We had lunch at a member family's house after church yesterday. They have like 5 kids, three of which are in their teens so after eating we just hung out with them before giving lesson. it was way cool.
We receive money on the first of every month on our mission visa cards. because we're in Austria we get 180 euros per month. We get to use that money to buy food and whatever else we need to stay alive, like toilet paper. which we desperately need.
I wish i could see this Ultimate highlight you speak of.
Annie..... just eat more fiber. duh.
Also the name nurple for a car is probably the best name this family has come up with for a car. I also like the names andrew gave it. those are nice.
And mom i don't know what i want at all. I would ask for j dawgs sauce but i don't know if that goes well with knudel. Maybe you can all compile a box of things i might think are interesting or funny. and some candy.

well it's good to hear that everything is going well! I wish i could do some of this stuff with you. miss you all tons!
Elder Eldredge

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