Monday, May 6, 2013

Ried, Austria

 [ED - you can see that Parker is about halfway between Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria, where the purple pin is]

Hello From Austria!

First off, switch any out of place z's with a y and vice versa.

As you all know i'm in a place called Ried Austria. It's pretty sweet here. Our apartment is a two man apartment and it's really quite nice. It's been a bit slow here. we onlz have a few investigator and it's hard to find potential investigators because we have to travel so much. On saturdays we bike 20 Km into the country side to work on a farm and eat tons of food. It's pretty awesome. This last saturday we dug a hole for a while and then cooked wurst over a fire and had tons of bread and chocolate. There is this awesome tradition of eating butt loads of food after you work and we don't mind either.

My companions name is Elder Stilger. He's awesome and we're hoping to do lots of good work in this area. He grew up speaking german in his home because his father comes from frankfurt and his mother is from switzerland. So I am lucky because I will go even faster at learning german. There are so many dialects here that i can barely understand people. Plus some words you don't say here or people have no idea what you are saying. It's all fun though.

It's great to hear about all of the great things going on and i wish i could be there having fun with you all. Plus i'm pumped to see pictures of my new nephew in the next few weeks! can't wait for that! I wish i could write you all individually but today is a bit cramped with the computer lab schedule. I don't know when i might get kicked out of this place.

Everything here is going really well and it's getting better every day. It's really setting in on me how long two years really is. time is going by a little slowly and i miss you all but i'm here to stay. Sorry Ainsley, I won't be coming home early.

Next week I'll send tons of pictures (or at least i'll try).

Love you all,

Elder Eldredge

P.S. (times like 5 or so)
1. You can just send packages to the mission home. Apparently it is harder to find our apartment when it is sent from far away so it might work better to send it to the mission home.
2. My address, in case you don't have it, is:
J.G. Hartwagner Strasse 24/3
A/4910 Ried im innkreis

3. Dad, if you would make sure that i have access to my savings account here and also put about a hundred dollars in it incase of a situation where i might not be able to use my missionary fund.
4. I have like zero information on how mothers day is going to work but expect a skype call around 1 O'clock Utah time.
5. I'm guessing that baby will come on the 14th.
6. My birthday is coming and i have a request. There are things here called freitag bags and they're pretty much the sickest things ever. They're back packs made out of the canvas that they put on the side of semi truck trailers and the strapps are made out of seat belts, they're aren't any two alike. Also the bag i got really doesn't work well with all the traveling that i have to do. Just think about it. Also, I love you.

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