Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!


This week was really great! It has been really good weather. I like it when it is cold a lot more than wearing a tie in the summer! Halloween was fun even though they don't really celebrate it here. We had a fun Halloween party at the YSA center with all of the YSA people and some other missionaries. All of the people from here got to try candy corn for the first time and I don't think anybody liked it. More for us I guess. 

Ainsley's wings on her costume are awesome! Good job to whoever made them. All the kids are looking pretty cute in their costumes! I dressed up like a hogwarts student. I kept trying to find a nice stick for a wand but I didn't see one all day. 

Work-wise it was a bit of a slow week because the people we are teaching were mostly all out of town. But we are having a lot of fun and success. I am happy about the work here. We have a good list of contacts and they are all really interested and want to meet often. 

We had an awesome eating appointment at our ward mission leader's home. We ate J-dawgs with the sauce and everything! It was tons of fun. They live in a neighborhood where there are mostly Americans so there were tons of american kids running around and jumping on the tramp. You would have never known you were in Austria. It was also great because they let us eat tons of their left-over american candy from Halloween! 

Tomorrow we are going to eat lunch with a man in our ward who is going to bring his old Leica cameras to show me. I am really excited. We are going to eat at his tennis club with six other missionaries. Should be a blast. 

Thanks for the Halloween pictures! I hope that you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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