Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Markets and Speaking German

Hey everybody!

This week was great! It was a bit slower than usual but we still had a good time. For some reason we couldn't get as many appointments as usual. It caused for some long days out on the streets but I guess I am used to that now. This week is already much busier and I am happy about that. 

The Christmas markets are starting up around here. Last night we got to walk through one on our way to an appointment and it was amazing how many people were there! They sell lots of cool toys and really tasty looking pastries. They really really like Christmas here. I think there are about 20 markets here in Vienna! 

We have already gotten about three invites for thanksgiving. Well two of them are only possible invites so we aren't really sure what is going to happen. We might get a lot of thanksgiving this year. I am hoping that our ward will try and organize some flag football in the morning so that we can play. 

I went on exchange with some other missionaries here in Vienna. It was really fun because I worked in their area so I got to teach in german! We visited some members of their ward and it was really refreshing to speak german, and just the way they think is different. I will really miss the little austrian homes when I come home. I also ate a lot of austrian pastries this week. Too bad we don't have this stuff in Utah. They're so fancy with their donuts here.

We have interviews with our mission president this saturday. It should be really good because he plans to spend a lot of time with each one of us. It will be nice to have some extra time with him. Sometimes interviews are just way to short and you don't feel like you really had an interview. We are also going to eat some awesome schnitzel tomorrow for lunch. They are really big! 

So life is great here. I love Vienna a lot. Have another great week! Love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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