Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Business as Usual

Hey everyone! 

Look at that cute baby! I can't wait to hold her! It is good to have another baby girl. It's only been like 11 years. Happy birthday Ainsley!
We had a great week over here! I think I mentioned last week that we were teaching a sixteen year-old girl from Alaska. We taught her again and she has gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith! She is really cool and she comes to the activities at the youth center so we see her pretty often. She also came to our stake conference yesterday and I think she really enjoys being around the other missionaries and she really feels welcome. She is doing really great and she is a good friend.

We are also teaching a man named M-----. He is a bit of a tough case. He has a problem that he can't trust anything. He doubts pretty much everything and it stops him from making any progress and becoming happier. It has made me reflect a lot about how we need to trust the spiritual confirmations that we've received. We can't panic at every question that we don't understand the answer to. If we approach our questions with patience and trust that the Lord will teach us when He knows is best, we will be much more peaceful and we will learn faster. 

There is no news about transfers. We are both staying for the next transfer. I am excited about it. I really love Vienna. It was a bit of a sad transfer call because a lot of my friends are leaving, but luckily our apartment is staying the same. 

Today we are going to go and see the cemetery! Elder Ringger says it is one of the biggest ones in Europe. There is also an LDS section so we are going to see that. 

Thanks for the pictures of Piper! She is pretty darn cute! Tell her I love her! I love you all too!

Elder Eldredge 

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