Monday, November 10, 2014

Vienna is the place to be!

Hey family!

It's been another awesome week! Vienna is the place to be! It is fun to be a missionary over here. We have seen a lot of progress with the people that we are meeting with. We have been meeting with a girl named Wanni. She is a member in our ward and we are just helping her prepare for a temple prep. class. When we started she wasn't coming to church often and she never read her scriptures but now she really loves coming to church and we don't even need to remind her to read every day. She is also more excited to meet and she asks really good questions that show that she is really thinking about things more. It is fun to watch our friends really make progress in the gospel. 

The Elders that we live with are really great. Elder Pugmire will go home in three weeks so we are all pretty sad about that. He is a really close friend. Elder Brady is awesome too. He really likes to dance a lot. I couldn't have better roommates. The greatest thing about living in Vienna is that you are constantly around other missionaries. We see our friends almost everyday and it is just nice to have a big support system. 

It has been really warm and partially sunny for the last few days. It is really pretty with all of the leaves changing. We are preparing to be pretty cold in the next few weeks. 

Things are going great. We work hard and we are having success. I never have anything to complain about and life is just plain good. I am glad to see that everybody else is happy too! I'm especially happy to hear that Emily and Geoff are having a little girl! I can't wait to see her!

Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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