Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

Greetings from Vienna!

We had a great week as always but general conference was definitely the highlight. I loved not only hearing the uplifting talks, but it was also a great time to be together with the other missionaries in Vienna. I love being able to see my friends so often. On Saturday night we had all four st. Pölten elders with us in our apartment so that they could see general conference. We had eight elders in our apartment. It was fun. We made around 60 scones for breakfast and sang a lot of hymns for fun. We still haven't seen the Sunday afternoon session but that should happen sometime this week. 

L--- also came to two sessions on Sunday with us and hung out with us and the rest of the missionaries in between the sessions. He really liked conference. N--- also came and watched in Spanish, but she also brought her boy friend with her to the second session and introduced us to him because we talked about doing missionary work in our last lesson with her. She wants to invite another friend to church as well. She really enjoyed listening to a talk in Spanish that didn't need to be translated. 

Today we went to a park and played Ultimate for a while. It felt really good to go outside and play. It also made me miss my cleats because I fell over on the wet grass all day. The weather here is perfect. The leaves are turning and falling and there is always a slight cool breeze. I really like the fall.

Glad to hear that everybody had a good time at conference! I sure miss that chicken chili every time conference comes around. Have another great week!

Love you all!
Elder Eldredge

P.S. Dad, I got my card in the mail last week. It took a while but it is here. 

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