Tuesday, October 21, 2014

YSA Center

Hi everyone!

Sounds like a really fun week back home! We were also really busy this week. It was possibly the busiest week of my mission. It is really fun getting to teach someone everyday. The missionary couple that is in charge of the YSA center were out of town on a conference this week so we had to run the center and make sure all of the classes were being taught. It was a lot of work but everything worked out. They are still going to be gone until tuesday so we get to keep watching over the center. Tonight we are running the FHE activity, and on wednesday I get to teach institute. I am really excited for that. I get to teach about the first five chapters in the book of Mormon. 

Church was pretty crazy yesterday! L--- brought his parents to church. They wanted to see what he was getting into. They didn't seem to have a problem with us so that went well. W---- and G------ both came as well. We are helping them prepare themselves for the temple. Ever since we started meeting with them there has been a lot of progress. There was also three child baptisms right after church! It was great because most of the ward stayed and there was lots of food. They said there would be refreshments but it was a full meal for everyone. 

This wednesday we will find out about transfers. We had a seven week transfer and our next one will be a five week transfer. I will almost surely be "dying" here in Vienna. We will see though if Elder Ringger and I stay together. We probably will be.

You all need to let me know what I should put in this package for christmas or I am just going to need to shove it full of stuff I don't want to carry home in a few months. Just let me know!

I love you all and I hope that everything is going great!

Elder Eldredge

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