Monday, August 11, 2014

Elder Anderson's Foot

Wow that was a lot of photos! That looks like it was a lot of fun! We should make it a tradition so that I can do it too! 

We had an interesting week over here. On monday we went to the doctors because E. Anderson's foot has been hurting a lot, and the doctor said that his foot was over-worked and that he shouldn't walk for a week. So... I got a good amount of studies in, our apartment is clean, and our area book couldn't look better. We did work as much as we could when we already had appointments made out so we kept ourselves pretty busy. The only day where we couldn't go out and really work was on Saturday. 

So I am really excited to work this week! We did have some good successes this week though. We met again with Bro. K------ and he bought us ice cream before we had our german class. We spent that time talking about the church and he said he has still been reading everyday in the scriptures! We also invited him to come to the entire sacrament meeting because he was only coming for the last twenty minutes or so. He ended up coming for all three hours! He was even commenting and asking questions during the priesthood class. I had to show him how to tie a tie because it has been a while for him. It is a really big success seeing as he hasn't come for about 15 years. 

Being on a mission is awesome! I am still surprised with how fast it is going. in three weeks the sisters who were in the MTC with me will go home and I will be officially "old." 

Our district meeting this week went great! I talked about how important it is for us as a district to be completely obedient and to have courage using the story of the stripling warriors. Everybody was excited for the coming transfer. Our district is really really amazing. I have had the best missionaries in this district. They make my job much easier.

I am doing well! I was wondering if I could get my line of authority though. I hope everybody is doing great! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge 

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