Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Kind of Flood


This week was awesome! Elder Anderson's foot is ok now so we got to work. We had a great zone conference on tuesday. Our district won a bunch of cookies because we built the highest paper tower. Ours was actually the only one that stayed up but it was still almost seven feet tall. It was to teach us about planning, because we built two towers, and the first one we couldn't make a plan our talk with each other and it fell over, but the second one we had a few minutes to plan together and it worked a lot better. Imagine that. 

I got to work with Elder Abbott on exchange this week. It was way fun because we were in the MTC together. It was fun to see how much we have both grown in the last year and a half. We talked a lot about how we could make the Book of Mormon a bigger part of our work. We both felt that our zone could do a lot better at giving books out, so that was our big focus. We were able to give out quite a few before we changed back. Our next district meeting will be all about how to effectively give someone a Book of Mormon and how we can do it more often. St. Pölten is getting flooded with the Book of Mormon!

We had a hard time having appointments this week because we went a week without being on the streets, but we got to do a lot of contacting, and hopefully the people that we found this last week will become new investigators this week. We had a really cool experience the other day. We went to a place called Hainfeld because there were a few people to visit there, but we didn't have a map. We were walking around asking for directions. We walked past this group of ladies eating at a restaurant outside and asked another man for help. He said that we needed to turn around, and on our way back these ladies asked if we needed help because they were watching us walk around, and then they wanted to know what we were doing. We told them that we were talking to people about the Book of Mormon, and they were interested! I opened my bag and just started handing them all of the books that we had brought with us. They really liked our message and we should meet in about two weeks. 

So things are great over here. The weather has been perfect all week. Even a little cold, which is the best for us. I'm happy out here, and excited to work hard again this week. I love you all and hope that you have a great week! Don't worry mom, I always have my camera with me and I will make sure to send some photos soon.

Elder Eldredge

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