Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello Elder Anderson


We have had a great week! I am with Elder Anderson now. He is really funny and the last few days have been great. We are really excited for the next transfer! We are focusing on finding new investigators this transfer. We have a goal to find 25 as a companionship. Our district goal is 65, and I promised my district that if they reach this goal they can throw pie at my face. They are really excited. We have been having a good amount of success as well. We started meeting with a guy named S-----. It is interesting teaching him because he is just learning german and he can't really speak english. But he likes to come to the church to read the book of Mormon (He can't read it at home because his roommates are muslim). We also met a woman yesterday. She said that she didn't have much time so we just asked if we could give her a book, and she agreed to quickly hand it to her. When we gave it to her she got really excited and bought us ice cream and we talked for a while. Her name is B-------. So things are going well here now. We have a lot of fun planned this week. 

In my studies I have been trying really hard to write down more impressions that come to me while I read and it really makes a big difference. Now I always remember what I studied and I feel more confident teaching and talking about what I read there. Plus I remember the scriptures places a lot easier. It is pretty cool. 

It sounds like a lot of fun at home, which doesn't surprise me with strawberry days and everything. Also, nobody ever told me that Matt and Natalie were getting married but that is awesome! 

On monday, Elder Buckley and I went and saw two castles! I will send some pictures. They were really cool to see. We got to climb all over one of them. It was like a big adventure. The first one was really cool though because it was in better shape. It felt like the middle ages at a few points. I really love this place. 

This thursday I will get to watch the USA- DEUTSCHLAND game with some of our members. I am pretty excited. Plus we seem to be doing pretty well. 

I hope that you all have a great week! Thanks for writing! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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