Monday, June 16, 2014

Goodbye President Miles


It sounds like a party all the time lately! It's nice to hear from more of you this week! I knew it would be a girl. How long has it been since we got one of those? eleven years almost? 

I am getting a new companion named Elder Anderson. He is from sun tan, I mean, san tan Arizona. I wonder if he is related to the andersons in our ward. I am really excited to meet him this thursday. Elder Buckley is going to Munich to work in an english speaking ward. He is really excited. It is the same ward that Elder Sardoni started out in. I am really excited to still be district leader for the next transfer. Our district is really excited to work hard seeing as two of the sisters in our district will go home after this next transfer. We are going to eat schnitzel after our district meeting tomorrow at a place called herbs. They know the missionaries there. 

We had a really good/sad zone conference this last thursday. It was sad because it was the last time that we will see the Miles' before they leave. We all got to take photos with them and they gave us each a DVD with tons of photos of the mission since 2012. We are excited to meet President Kohler and his family in a few weeks. We will have a special double zone conference in salzburg next month where we will meet him and his family. He is bringing two kids with him. 

Yesterday we had ward conference. It was awesome to see our group of 25 members jump up to about 50. Sadly most of them were from the stake, but it was still good because a lot of less active members came with there active families. The whole ward conference had the theme "Patience." It was a really good topic for me because I would really like to see this area make a lot of immediate progress but we just need to be patient a little bit until it is the right time. 

Luckily we don't have to wear our jackets all the time. In fact, I really only wear it to church and to zone meetings. It is really nice that it isn't required because I might have died from the heat last week if I needed to wear my jacket.

We are having a better time finding people lately. Almost all of them are old women for some reason but they need the gospel too. 

Well I hope that you all have a great week! I will send some photos this week. Today we are going to see two different castles so there should be some more good photos later. 


Elder Eldredge

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