Tuesday, July 1, 2014



This week was awesome! The weather was pretty nice and we were able to have some success on the streets. We did get to watch the USA-Germany game! It was really fun because I was on exchange with the zone leaders and the missionary I was with came out with me. We had a lot of fun and the family we were with gave us lots of food and soda. 

We met again with B----- and she actually read in the Book of Mormon and checked out the church's website. She is really interested. She just wants to talk to her friends about us before we start the lessons. It was cool though because she brought up the Book of Mormon at the beginning and told us the she really liked the first few chapters of Mosiah were King Benjamin speaks to his people. She even remembered his name! She had a lot of questions and she said that she really likes everything we teach. Hopefully her friends won't be negative about it. 

Our friend S----- is doing well. We can't really teach him  until we get some pamphlets in persian so we are just reading the Book of Mormon with him. He sadly couldn't make it to church but we will see what happened this week.

We have been focusing on the Book of Mormon for the last few weeks in our streeting efforts and it is working great! We have been able to give out a really good amount of books. Pretty soon we are going to need to order more!

Well, things are going well. We are having a good time and I love being out here. I am really learning a lot from my studies and I really feel like I have become a much better person in the last few weeks. It is amazing how much spiritual strength comes from regularly studying the scriptures with a desire to understand what they are teaching. 

I hope all is well with everybody at home. Thanks for keeping me updated. I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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