Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday!!


I finally made the big stage! It is a little bit strange that everybody will see my face when they got on the site for the church. I already have like 5 emails asking me if it is really me. It's pretty cool though. I got a text from our mission office telling me that I was famous. Pres. and Sister Miles called to sing happy birthday to me and told me that I was famous. Apparently they talked about it all day. It was a pretty good gift from the church. 

You all sound pretty happy! Way to go Ben! Is it hard to catch with a golden glove? We had a pretty great week too. We did a lot of dooring this week because it kept raining and nobody on the street wanted to talk to us. I forgot how crazy dooring can be sometimes. You meet some weird people. We saw a house that was so big it could have held 50 people easily. We had at least 5 people let their dogs out on us. Luckily, everybody here just has those tiny dogs so all they can do to us is annoy us. But it worked. 

We had a really great district meeting on tuesday. It was the last time for

Elder and Sister Strong, so the sisters wrote new words to "Edelweiss" and we made paper flowers with our faces taped onto them. It was a lot of fun and really sad to see them go. But the Parkers are really great as well. They were a bit tired because of the jet-lag but they are doing better now.

My birthday was pretty cool. As a mission we were fasting that people would come to church, and two people came! One was a women that we met on the street and she didn't want us to come by so we just invited her to church and she took a card. It was cool because she seems to be really insecure, but the meeting helped her. Our members were all really awesome as well. They all spent the week in the temple so they came back really energized and happy, and they all bore amazing testimonies. The woman that came said that she will come again in two weeks. The other woman is named A-------. We found her on last Monday and committed her to coming and she came! She liked church too but she couldn't understand all of it because she is from Brazil. But she said she will come next week. For the rest of the day we did dooring and got attacked by the kids in our neighborhood. They think that we are from England and try to steal all of our cards. Elder buckley made pancakes with eggs, bacon, and hash-browns for dinner. It was pretty good. The sisters also sang happy birthday to me when I tried calling them to collect numbers too. It was a great birthday. 

Not too much has been happening other than that. It keeps raining on and off so we are working hard to not get sick. So far so good. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I hope that you all have another great week! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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