Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Cookies


Hey everybody! It sounds like you all had a really great week! Some day I want to see this scooter riding/kite flying game. Thanks for sending the photos! I thought that you might had already sent them to Konstanz. 

We had a really good week here as well. I got to work in Vienna on wednesday and it was awesome! I have never seen so many people! While I was in Vienna, this member took us out for lunch with about six other missionaries. This guy happened to have a pretty good amount of money so we went to his old man tennis club and had over-priced asparagus for lunch. It was actually really good. This man told us that he got his money from working pretty high up in the Leica camera company. He told me that the next time I came to Vienna, I could just show up at his place and he would show me all of his antique cameras. He was a really cool guy.

Working here is pretty interesting so far. When I got here, Elder Buckley told me about all of the investigators and it sounded like a lot was being done, but when I came it had been a few weeks before they had met with their
investigators. They also didn't seem to have much interest anymore either, so we have been starting over. We haven't been seeing to much success since I have been here but I have a lot of excitement for this next week. We had a lot of uncontacted potential investigators and previous investigators that needed to be contacted and we are finally getting to the point where the ones with real interest are having time (especially with easter being done). So we hope that this week will be great and that we can get this place rolling.

We did see a really cool success yesterday though. On saturday we baked tons of cookies for everybody in our apartment building and wrote a note for each of them, just saying "happy easter" and stuff like that. We dropped the cookies on everybody's doorstep on our way to church so that they would find them. When we came back from the church we got a knock on our door, and a women from our building gave us a big plate of homemade cake and some easter eggs. She seemed to have been really touched. Plus our notes all had the church name and email address. It was pretty cool.

I am writing pretty early this week because we are going to have an easter party at one of our members houses. We are going to play soccer with one of the young boys in our ward there, and then we have to leave to go to another easter party with a family that is really big into football so they are huge people and they eat so much food! I hope I don't die.

I took a picture of our district a few weeks ago and I will send it to you today. I would send more photos but this computer at the church is just not ok with that. 

I hope that you all have a great week! Congrats to the Glenns for graduating! I love you all!

Elder Eldredge

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