Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello Elder Gubler!

Hey there family!
Wow those thanksgiving photos look really fun!

I can't believe how many people there are in that one room, but I wasn't surprised to see uncle Bryan fixed in onto that football game you had on. It was a little sad not having thanksgiving over here but I guess there will be many more years of turkey to come. I was missing you all though and wishing you could be here. Let Ben know that his hair is looking pretty sweet! Elder Gubler and I are over here giving out some serious props. *clapping hands*
Elder Gubler (right) is Parker's new companion
This week was pretty awesome! We had a lot of eating appointments because Elder Brose left and they were all really fun! We had two eating appointments in a row yesterday and I almost died from all the food that I ate. After the first one, where I had eaten two mountains of spaghetti, we had to catch a train in like 15 mintues but we were way way far away. So we ran after eating all the spaghetti and cake for like 15 minutes with our backpacks and everything! That hurt but we caught the train just in time.
But ya we had a lot of fun this week. On thursday we didn't have any thanksgiving dinner but Elder Brose and I drove to munich to ship him off and to pick up Elder Gubler. It was way fun at the trainstation in munich to see alot of my old friends. Elder Stilger was there too because he is training again so I have a brother! We even got to be on the same train for about two hours so we got to talk alot and hang out with Elder Gubler and Ridd (elder stilgers golden). We got out first in a place called Ulm so that we could get onto a different train, but it wasn't coming for a little over an hour and there is a way huge church there so we ran all the way there (10 minutes) with all of elder gublers luggage. It was really funny and the church was unbelievably huge!
Elder Gubler and i are having a great time together and I am learning tons from him! He is a really posotive guy and is always happy and really funny so we are having a lot of fun. We have already seen a lot of success as well! We are finding some really great people! Yesterday, these two guy from nigeria showed up at church, the first was a guy named mike who is already a member since the last 6 or 7 years, and the second is a friend of the first guy who came with him. They were both super cool and the friend really wants to learn about the Book of Mormon ( we taught a way awesome lesson with the other two elders and he loved it)! They live in switzerland so the other guys will continue to teach them but we are excited for them!
It is starting to get really christmasy in our apartment as well. We found some lights and hung them up in our apartment and we have paper snowflakes all over the ceiling and Elder Pugh has a lot of christmas music. They already have the christmas market up in most cities and towns as well and the one here in konstanz is really pretty.
If I could really explain what it feels like to work with Elder Gubler, I would say it is like jumping onto a quick moving train. We are really working so hard. I'm not saying that I haven't been giving my best to my mission because I have been, but Elder Gubler has shown me how to make my best a lot more effective. He just does things in ways that I have never seen other missionaries do work so effectively and now, already after just a few days, I would say that I haven't learned so much about what it means to be a missionary. It is pretty hard but I love every moment of it all.
That is how things are going around here. Always lots of fun and always lots of work. But I guess those are the same out here. Thanks for all those pictures! I will make sure to try to send some more photos in a few minutes. I hope that you all have a great week and that you are all safe. 'Til next week!

Elder Eldredge 

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