Monday, December 16, 2013

True Happiness Comes from the Spirit

A Street in Konstanz (Constance)

It sounds like it's freezing at home! It is pretty cold here but it hasn't snowed quited yet (that might change by tonight). Have you all been doing a lot of sledding and snowball fights? You all seemed to have had a great week! It was also pretty fun here! We are starting to really really feel the Christmas spirit over here. We had our Christmas conference in zurich on friday! That was really fun because it was also Elder Gublers birthday. We sang a lot of Christmas songs and played the chimes as well! There were a lot of missionaries there, most of which, I had never met because they have been in Switzerland for their entire missions. But it was fun and I made some new friends! I also did get my package on that day so thanks for that! The family tree is a pretty awesome idea as well!
President Miles
I have a pretty cool miracle for you all. It happened just last night and i was really impressed by how God puts us where we need to be, so that we meet the people who we need help.

We met a man, F------, on the street and we asked him what he would be doing to celebrate Christmas this year. He began to cry and told us that he would be alone because his girlfriend had just broke up with him. We offered our help in that he could let it all out on us (he was pretty broken up). We went and sat next to a building and began to get to know each other a little better and we tried to help him as much as we could to stay positive. It began to get really cold and he asked if we could go inside somewhere. We happened to be on the way to a member's home to drop by some candy as a personal touch, so we decided that we would go and ask if we could use their home. The member let us in and we began to talk again. This member has had some problems in her marriage and could connect with him so well and she really opened up to him. Her story was exactly what he needed and we taught that God has a plan for all of his children and that if we trust him, nothing stands in our way to happiness. At the end of the night we sent F------ off on his train with a Book of Mormon and a DVD from the Church. It was so cool to see how well our member helped us and how she bore strong testimony to this man. It was pretty much all done by her.
Elder Gubler playing the bells
At this time of year, people are searching a little bit harder for that feeling of true happiness, that only comes from trying to follow the Lord's commandment of loving one another. We know this feeling to be the Spirit. I hope that we all remember why we have this holiday. Remember that Jesus never gave gifts of earthly worth to those around him. He gave eyes to the blind, health to the sick, and comfort to the needy. A good gift comes from showing love and serving our brothers and sisters around us.
Some things never change
We are really excited for the next week because we set up a lot of appointments with a lot of really great people, and our members are inviting us around a ton because of the season. It will be filled with a lot of food and fun!
I hope that you all have a great week and that you are all safe with all that ice! I pray for you and wish you all the best until next monday.

Elder Eldredge

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