Thursday, October 3, 2013

P-day in Linz

Hong Kong looks awesome! I sure hope that i get to go there someday! This  week was pretty good! We were given an unreal amount of food this week so our fridge is stuffed full! My capacity for food has really increased and I can eat for quite a while before stopping.

B----- is doing really great! He came to church again this week and he even spoke up during the mens class. He really impressed members with how smart he is. It was funny because it is only his second time in church but he knows everything so the members are pretty impressed by him. We moved his baptismal date to the 27th so that more members could be there.  He is really excited and hasn't had problems with the word of wisdom for over two weeks!
We met with a less active woman in our ward a few weeks ago and she has come to sacrament meeting for about a month in a row now. It is really cool to see how well the members invite her back and make her feel welcome again! One of our members came up to me and asked for five Books of Mormon that she is planning to give out. I was pretty impressed because she has already given about five away before.
Yes the apartment is still very clean. And still pretty quite. This transfer has gone by extremely fast! I can't believe that I have been with E. Armstrong for almost five weeks now! I will almost for sure be transferred somewhere else in a few weeks and it is a weird feeling just imagining that I won't be here for a while.
Today for P-day we went up this big hill in Linz and there is a way cool viewpoint where you can see all of Linz. It was really windy but a lot of fun. I forgot my camera but the weidmans took a ton that I will send to you.
We had a street display in linz on friday. they only get one per year here so we had everybody there from 10 until 6. It was a long time in one place but it was really successful because we gave out around 20 Books. We had some members sing hymns while we talked to interested shoppers. I made a really cool Muslim kid think real hard about Christ being the son of God (they don't believe that). He seemed to really be touched and he even took a book.
I realized yesterday that, because of general conference and stake conference in two weeks, this last sunday could have been my last time in that ward building and that it could be a long time until I see a lot of the Haag members. It was pretty sad because I didn't get to bear my testimony before I left.
Well not much else has happened. Just working a lot. The whether is getting colder and it definitely feels like fall now. The colors haven't changed too much but there is a lot of cold wind and crunchy leaves.
I guess I will talk to you all next week! Thanks for writing. I hope you travel safe back home.


Elder Eldredge

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