Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Germany! (and Switzerland!)

Hello from Konstanz!
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This was a pretty crazy last week with transfers and everything. I can't believe that i was still in haag just a few days ago! My last few days there were really amazing! We met with a lot of members and investigators that i had known so that I could say goodbye. It was pretty sad saying goodby to b----- for a while. I spent a few days slowly packing whatever i didn't need just a little at a time. But finally the time came for me to leave.
Transfer day was absolutely insane! I got on a train at 8 that went to Attnang Puchheim, then a train to salzburg where I had to wait for about an hour. I got on a train at 12 to munich which takes an hour and a half. From the time that my train arrived in munich, to when I was supposed to take the next train was 4 minutes and that didn't happen because the first train was late, so I waited in munich for about three hours. That was really fun and I got to see a lot of my friends from the MTC and other places that I hadn't seen in a while. I got on a train at 4:30 to zurich and I was in charge of three goldens with a sister katey lewis, who knows matt gowans. But that train takes about 4 hours, so I got into zurich at about 8.30, dropped off the goldens and took a train back to st. gallen with elder stank, who is in my apartment. We got into konstanz at about 10.30 (don't worry, our leaders knew) and it was about a 20 minute walk to our apartment. Luckily we got permission to wake up at 7.30 the next morning. But that was how my day went.

My new area is way awesome! We walk so much it is amazing! But it is really pretty so I am ok with it. I am still a little lost and I never know where I am but I am starting to get a hang of it. Elder Brose is way cool and we get along way good! We have a four man apartment and the other elders are Elder stank, from germany, and elder pugh, from england. They are in charge of the swiss part of our area, and we are in charge of the german half. Our apartment is way cool too! It has two floors to it with a big spiral stair case in it. We have a lot of fun. Our district is also pretty huge with 12 people in it. One of my european friends from the MTC is in it which is awesome because I didn't think that I would see him until we go home. Our zone is about 40 people. Me and elder brose are the only americans that really see switzerland besides a few people who have a certain amount of european blood, so we are pretty blessed.
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Our branch has about 70 active members in it which is really big compared to haag. Everbody is really really nice and they treat us very well. Alot of them are very excited for missionary work. I got to give my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday, as well as elder stank because we are new in the ward.

It seems that everything at home is going really great! Stinks that grandma took a tumble! I hope she is doing better now. All the kids seem to be growing up way fast or I have just been gone longer than I think. That picture of the guys having ultimate practice made me want to be right there! 
Well thanks for writing and sending the photos! It's nice to feel somewhat up to date so thanks for those. I think and pray about you all every day. I hope that you have a good week! I will talk to you all soon!
Elder Eldredge 

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