Monday, September 2, 2013

Changes Ahead

hello family!

It has been a pretty crazy week! Transfer calls were on friday and E. Stilger is going to Tübingen, near Stuttgart, and I am getting a new companion name E. Armstrong. It is actually E. Armstrong's third time in Haag so the ward loves him to death. I am way excited to work with him but i won't meet with him until thursday when all the transfers happen. Because of the transfer changes and the fact that we aren't at home until Wednesday this week, last friday and saturday got shot and we didn't get to really work. I just cleaned and kept myself occupied while E. Stilger packs. But now our apartment looks way nice again and our area book is super up-to-date. 
It sounds like there is a ton of fun stuff going on at home! The pictures of the kids alway make me want to talk to them just to see how much they have grown already! Hiking Timp was always on my list of favorite things to do. Especially through the night! It's way cool that Ainsley and Hogan got their blue belts! It looks like they are having a lot of fun.

Dad- The missionaries that get to go to switzerland are all european because it is really difficult to get visas as an american. It has been done before but now that there are a lot more missionaries, president miles doesn't need to go through all the work to put an american there because there are enough europeans. And the area that is in Italy (Brixon) does have missionaries from our mission that live there, as well as missionaries from Daniel's mission. But most of the missionaries that get to go there are european because they don't need to get a new visa for just one area. But they are in my zone so i know the missionaries there. In fact Sis. Schönherr from my district is being transferred there this week.

Did I tell you all that i am giving a talk in sacrament meeting next week? It will be on "how to gain a testimony." I am pretty excited for that. Not much else has been happening this week. I don't have any more stories about being pulled into discussions with well educated bible students this week. But life here is fun and has been treating me well. 

Thanks for keeping me updated and for being the best family ever! I love hearing from you all and I miss you tons! 


Elder Eldredge

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