Monday, August 26, 2013

"Do or Die"

Well this last week was pretty good. I can't really remember it though. Everything is going by way too fast and every time i sit down to write emails i forget everything that i did. Oh, i mentioned that we are staying in Haag to do our Emails now but that requires us to ride bikes all the way up a mountain. Well, last week after we finished Emails we left our church and the sky was pretty gray and it was just starting to rain (we were in our church clothes). At the end of our journey to the nearest train station we stepped onto our train completely soaked. It was pretty fun though. It's starting to look like we might have that same experience again today.
The rest of the week we spent visiting members and teaching lessons and stuff like that. We are doing a good job at finding new investigators but most of them just don't want to pray about the book of Mormon and that has been a bit of a pain because not many of them are really progressing. We still haven't heard from B------ for a long time. He must be going through a hard time and just needs to figure his stuff out before he is ready to keep progressing.
The guy who invited us over to bible bash last week had agreed to have a lesson with us on sunday and we were just going to have a "do or die" sort of lesson. About half an hour before we were going to meet he called us and wanted to show us his free christ building. For some reason we agreed. We showed up to his place and he brought us to the building, which was actually pretty nice and the two or three people we talked to were quite nice, but we sat down in a room with him and two of his friends who knew the bible a lot better than he did. It was pretty much the same story as last week. They kept reading scripture at us that they didn't really understand and calling it doctrine. One of the two new guys brought up a few points that we had already settled in our first meeting and m----- was quick to make sure that we couldn't answer because he didn't want to be proved wrong twice. What was cool about this whole thing is that S----- was sitting next to me studying the book of mormon the whole time. I don't think that the others noticed because it was in persian but it was just a funny situation. One of the guys was actually pretty nice and had some potential so we gave him a book of mormon and he said he would read.
We had a really awesome eating appointment after church yesterday. We went to the zillners, and they love Elvis alot. For the entire appointment Bro. zillner kept switching the songs to make sure we listened to his favorites and we even played a short game of skip-bo. Bro. zillner also collects baseball caps and he has a room filled with them. He always shows up to church wearing a different cap.
oh ya i will find out this friday what is happening next transfer. That is pretty exciting!
Sounds like everyone had a pretty good week at home. How did grayson break his arm? I can't believe it's already time for mexico meetings again. It doesn't feel like those should already be happening. Well thanks for writing and keeping me up-to-date. I really miss you all and i hope you have a good week.
Elder Eldredge
P.S. It isn't the Mr. Mac suit pants that are wearing down, they are just some that i got at ross for 10 buck or something. I can probably still wear them for a bit luckily.

P.P.S. I don't really know what i would put in the ward letter. you can just pick something for me i guess.

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