Monday, September 16, 2013

Cleanliness is Next to...


It must be monday again. Or still. I'm never sure if the weeks are going by fast or if I just write E-mails all the time. This week was pretty good now that i remember it. And no, I did not black out this week. It was a pretty normal week really. It is still really quiet between me and E. Armstrong. And it is still clean. I'm starting to feel bad that i don't clean anything but that is mostly because I don't see why somethings need to be cleaned. Every once in a while i will just pick things up and scrub them for fun so that i feel like I am doing something. 

Today we are having a picnic with our district, and I am excited because i brought my disc! It has been a while since this guy has felt fresh air. I guess I could tell you about our eating appointment yesterday. It was maybe my favorite appointment so far. We ate with the family Hohnes. Bro. Hohnes is our blind organist and his wife reminds me of the woman on "Meet the Robinsons" who teaches the frogs how to play music. She breaks into song in the middle of sentences and talks at like a million miles per hour. But they are the sweetest people ever. Bro. Hohnes played a few Austrian folk songs on his accordion for us. He is way good! I was really amazed at how good he was. We could request any song and he could play it. His wife then took out the flute and they played hims together. It was very Austrian.

It sounds like life is a bit insane like always back at home. I surely wouldn't mind seeing a picture of grayson with all of his wounds. Maybe somebody should buy sarah a leash for that kid. And let Ainsley know that she can come with me to buy new clothes when i come home. I'll need somebody with style to help me out. I also wouldn't mind spending some time in Hong Kong one day. I would play their own game and bring my camera and a fanny pack. There is a city in Austria (Halstaat) that the chinese built a replica of because it is so pretty, but they must not like their copy because it is still full of Asian tourists. It's kind of like going to Arches national park.

Our district is way different now. It was pretty sad seeing some of the old members of our district leave. Only me and one other sister are the remaining members of my original district. But it is still fun nonetheless. 

Everything here is going really well. Sorry I don't really have other stories this week. We just kind of knocked on a lot of doors and all that jazz. I was wondering if it would be possible that you send me an Mp3 player with some music on it. I can listen to stuff like Disney, classical, church stuff of course, and even some of my jazz (dave holland and any of my other stuff that doesn't have lyrics). If I could get a small portable speaker to that as well I would be super happy. Just let me know if it is possible, thanks.

Thanks for letting me know what has been happening at home and keeping me up to date. It is always nice to hear from you all! You really are the best family i could have.


Elder Eldredge

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