Monday, February 3, 2014

Unihockey and a Ukelele???

It sounds like you are having a great time in London! All that stuff sounds like tons of fun! I sure wouldn't mind spending some more time there some day.
Everything here in Konstanz is awesome! I really love the ward here. Many of the members feel like family and best friends to me, and when the day comes that I have to leave will probably be one of the saddest days of my mission. I hope that I get to stay at least one more transfer here.
We had a lot of cool experiences on the street this week. We met a woman who, after we began to speak, told us that she already was a member, but she hasn't come to church in a while because she just moved here and couldn't speak german yet. We promised her that if she would begin coming to church, it would help her learn german much faster. We are hoping that she will come this next sunday. We had lost contact with one of our investigators, C------, for the last few weeks and we thought that he dropped us, but as we checked our emails to write to investigators we had a message from him. He said that he was now done with tests at school and that he would like to come to church this week. But he came late to the train station and he didn't know what ticket to buy so he just got lost in switzerland on some random train. It was pretty sad because he was pretty excited.
Once a month we play a game called Unihockey with our ward. It is a lot like floor hockey and it is way fun. I have now gone the last three or four times and it is awesome now that I am getting better at it. The first week was ok but now I can actually play pretty well. C----- came to Unihockey as well and he loved it.
Elder Sardoni and I are still getting along no problem. We have a lot of fun and work really hard. The other two elders in the apartment are getting well trained on how to sound like a cowboy when they speak. They also wrote a song on the guitar that lasts forever and the only lyrics are "Elder Sardoni." So, needless to say, our evenings are very relaxing. Elder Schuhmaier hit his year mark a few days ago so after planning we all wore happy birthday caps and ate popcorn. There was also a concert given by Elder Schuhmaier on the ukelele and elder Sardoni sang. It was actually pretty impressive.
So we had a really great week even though it is getting colder and colder. Luckily there is no snow yet so that is good but i am expecting it in the next week or two. I have a Book of Mormon that I am marking in specific ways. It is really great because one of my goals for this year is to know the scriptures much better. I feel that I am doing really well and I notice the difference that it makes to not only read every day but also to know later exactly what I read and where to find it. Studies on a mission become the best part of the day.
I hope that you all have a great week! Be safe in London and let mom know that I love her even though she couldn't send an email. I will talk to you next week!
Elder Eldredge
P.S. about the cards, I guess I don't really need the cards that bad but i would like to maybe see some of the photos some time. I actually don't have any photos of our family to show members and investigators which many would like to see. So I don't really need the cards that bad, but some family photos would be sweet.

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