Monday, August 12, 2013

Two trips to Salzburg

Hello family!

Since when were Gordon and camille getting married (not to eachother)! That is just weird to me. About the facebook requests, amber i know because she lives near ried and we meet with her, but the spanish guy is definately a stranger.

Bear lake sounded fun! I wish i could have been there getting sunburned and everything. Luckily here the wheather has been cooling down quite a bit so it's pretty confortable and we're hoping that it will stay that way.

This week was really crazy! We had zone training in salzburg (a two hour train ride each way) on tuesday and then i had to travel back to salzburg to do an exchange with the zone leaders and then travel home again the next day. So i personally didn't get to work in my own area this week until thursday afternoon. But it was really fun. While i was in salzburg we helped get a new apartment ready for some sisters who will go to salzburg next transfer so i spent a while in Ikea looking for stuff they will need and also picking up their kitchen order. We went there with the senior couple who are actually in our home stake. They are the storrers and they are in the 4th ward. But they have been on continuous missions since 2006. But they will be home soon and they said they would say hello to you.

The work in Haag has been amazing this week! on saturday E. Stilger and I door this small village outside of Ried and we started to expect that the people would say yes to us because it just kept happening. We found a few people who could possible be baptized in a month. But we will see what happens when we go back to them tonight. Other than that we did a lot of organizing in our area book because we started to find a ton of old records that had been ignored and needed to be sorted or contacted, so we are expecting a lot to happen in the next few weeks from this area. 

B----- is still doing great. We think. We didn't actually end up being able to reach him this week because he is so busy trying to get his life straightend out. We have helped him alot but at this point he needs to just be on his own for a little while and pray alot. Which he has been doing so he is ok. 

Well other than that not much has been going on around here. Just working hard and all that jazz. Today we are playing mini golf as a district so that will be fun. Thanks for writing! Love you all.

Elder Eldredge

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