Monday, November 18, 2013

Temple Trip and One-Third Done

It sounds like you all had a pretty awesome week! Hearing about the snow really makes me excited to see what this place will look like when it does snow. And I can't believe how big hogan looks! All of those kids are going to look so different when I see them!
We had a pretty awesome week here as well! Sadly we didn't get to do as much "missionary work" as we would have liked because we had tons of meetings. On tuesday we had zo9ne training in St. Gallen which took the whole day, and on thursday we had zone conference in wetzlikon which also took the whole day. And also, I didn't tell you yet, but a family in our ward invited us to go with them to the temple. We went on friday with them and drove in the car all the way to Bern and we went through the temple! It was way cool because only the missionaries that live in switzerland are allowed to go to the temple, and even though we live in germany, we belong to a swiss zone so president Miles let us go.
Our trip to the temple was pretty exciting! we met with the members who were taking us at 7 o'clock and it was about a two hour car ride. The Bern temple is the first temple in europe and it is really beautiful! We were really excited walking up to it. We spent a long time inside the temple before coming out and taking alot of pictures. It was also really interesting because all of the workers in the temple spoke italian and no german. So we got to play a few games of sharades! But the ward building is right next to the temple and as we were walking by it, we saw our mission presidents car which reminded us that the bern zone was having their zone conference, so we went in and said hello while they were eating lunch. President was pretty surprised to see us and I got to see some of my friends that I hadn't seen the MTC. I have now also been in every major city in our mission besides stuttgart and freiburg. I will make sure to send some pictures of the temple today.
German is going really well and I feel really confident with it. I am able to express myself pretty much all the time and I am starting to really master the difficult parts of the language. I am really lucky to have always had native germans speakers either in my apartment or in my district so I have gotten a lot of practice.
This wednesday will be my 8 month mark and that is really hard for me to believe! That is already an entire third of my mission just gone like that! I don't really like it. Some times the time just goes by way too fast and I know how sad i will be when it is all over and it will have felt like it didn't take long enough. But I guess that is the way that it is.
This thursday we will all get transfer calls and I will find out who my next companion is! I really hope that I will get to train. I think it would just be fun so I will be happy if it happens. It is weird knowing for sure that i will be getting a new companion because elder brose is leaving but I feel like I know our area well enough now that I am ready for it.
The work here is going pretty good as well. We find a good amount of potentials, our problem is that most of them have a hard time turning into investigators but one of our investigators wants to be baptized pretty soon and his brother might have some interest as well. We got a referral from church headquarters and a women wanted a book of mormon and the Finding Faith in Christ DVD so we brought them by and she was really interested in coming to church. She isn't our investigator yet but we will see what happens with her.
I hope that you all have another amazing week and keep having tons of fun! Thanks for sending a package! I'll make sure not to open it until Christmas. Let me know if you would like something from germany/switzerland that I could send your way. They do have some pretty tasty chocolate here!

Elder Eldredge 

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