Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MTC Part Deux

The MTC is amazing. I love it here. the language is coming really great too. we didn't convert our first investigator but we just picked up two new ones. It can be a little bit akward at times because we have two teachers and they are our investigators. and also our old investigator, marcel, is one of our new teachers. it's all really cool and fun to be teaching in german.
I've had to stay away from the foursquare court just to stop myself from diving. i now run and then play volleyball. it's still hard not to dive at times but i have been a good boy.
We're really learning how to work the system here. we know when to do laundry to not be in lines and have to fight over machines.
Our district is all really close now. We are like family in a way. They made easter bearable when i missed everybody. And speaking of easter, in my package, what is the story behind the joseph smith ring? I'm pretty sure that it symbolizes eternity but i don't know why it is a joseph smith ring and all.
I know that Kelton is coming in tomorrow and i'm way excited! i will probably see him a lot. there is a chance that i might even be able to host him and greet him to the MTC. Daniel pimentel on the other hand is not coming to the provo MTC. i can't remember which one he is in but it's not here. Chase weight also is leaving this week but he is going to the brazil MTC.
Great to hear that everything is going well.
I love you so much and i think of you all the time.
Elder Eldredge

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