Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wait is Over

Hello family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry that it has a whole week without hearing from me. i don't get to have P day until tuesdays.

The MTC is amazing!!!! I am learning so much and my testimony is already so much stronger! My companions name is Elder Hoggan (pronounced just like hogan). He is from Logan and is really great to work with. he also has taken two years of german like i have so that is really helpful in our companionship. everyday except for sundays and tuesdays we get to teach a lesson to a man named Marcel. it's not his real name but he is a former missionary who served in germany. He has a six month old sick baby and he lives with his girlfriend michela. He will not speak any german to us so sometimes it's very difficult to teach him. He is always very sad and quiet because he baby is sick so we decided to get to know him better. So we walked into the lesson with no plan but instead a list of questions that we could ask him if we couldn't think of what else to say. It went beautifully and I even challenged him to read from the book of mormon! unfortunately we didn't plan to give him a book of mormon so i had to give him my nice new german one.......... and i sort of need it. Oh well. i'm sure it will make it's way back to me. Marcel is supposedly going to end up as our teacher next week so perhaps I'll recieve it then.

My district is really amazing!
there is:
Me (Elder Eldredge)
Elder Hoggan (my companion)
Elder Wasden (who i met at J-dawgs wednesday morning)
Elder Bonjuvanni (from Sweden and Brazil, german will be his fifth language)
Elder Smith
Elder Pratt
Sister schenk
Sister bate
Sister fauver
Sister Kearl

The first four elders are in my room and we are all very close. I have also been assigned as district leader and senior companion. I have a lot of responsiblities and it makes me try and be a better example to others.

The food here is not as bad as people say. Most meals are actually pretty good. except for sometimes my fruit is still frozen in chunks. but at least its not warm.

Gym time is always really fun! i play alot of foursquare and volleyball. but at first i only played volleyball because i was banned from playing foursquare for the day. They don't get that diving on the ground is something that i've made intuitive so i can't control it. but don't worry. i got someone out. it was pretty cool.

while in the MTC I am only allowed 30 minutes to write E-mails so i will have to say goodbye.

I miss and love you all!


P.S. don't be afraid to write. those I can read anytime.

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